All we'd ever need is one another (trio)

Adam Basanta

91.08%_match: Abel Fernández-Servín "1h 09m 11s 09º 29' 33''", 2017

84.52%_match: Brian Wills "Untitled (Green to White vertical horizon)", 2016

95.50%_match: Guido Molinari "Quantifacateur 995", 1995

84.94%_match: Brian Buckley "Untitled (Ghost Ship III)", 2015

95.50%_match: Jan Kuck "What if we are asking the wrong questions?", 2017

95.50%_match: Roman Opalka "Opalka 1965/1 à linfini, détail 5432506-5446534", Date unknown

86.14%_match: Joseph Kosuth "Five Fives (to Donald Judd) [Green]", 1965

93.29%_match: Günther Förg "Untitled", 9

91.10%_match: Thomas Pihl "Prearticulation #8", 2016