All we'd ever need is one another (trio)

Adam Basanta

88.92%_match: Kate Shepherd "Pirate Jenny", 2016

89.05%_match: Hiroshi Yamazaki "Observation: The Sun- 1", 8

95.50%_match: Robyn Denny "[no title]", 1970

95.50%_match: Aurelie Nemours "Rythme du millimètre", 1982

94.39%_match: Andres Serrano "Blood", 7

86.91%_match: Kate Shepherd "Pirate Jenny", 2016

87.71%_match: Judith Eisler "Headlights", 2015

86.82%_match: Tony Tasset "Arrow Painting 60", 2016

87.01%_match: Richard Serra "Double Level III", 2013

95.50%_match: Michael Toole "Corridor", 2017

84.37%_match: Phillip K. Smith III in 2014-2015 "Lozenge 2", Date unknown

87.13%_match: James Welling "IMOR", 2005

90.27%_match: Claudio Olivieri ""Etimi"", 1977

81.26%_match: Ludwig Meidner "O Moon Above So Clear!", 2

87.41%_match: Teo Hernandez "Corps aboli", 1978

81.17%_match: Marc Vaux "Union Brand ", 1965

85.26%_match: Jonny Niesche "Under Perfectly Warm Duresses 1", 2017

86.09%_match: Tomás Saraceno "View of Uyuni from Lacaille 9352", 2017

91.13%_match: Johl Dwyer "Blueberry", 2015

81.85%_match: DOLK "Rip-on 009", 2016

90.35%_match: Andy Warhol "Electric Chair 79 by Andy Warhol", 1971

94.97%_match: Ad Reinhardt "Abstract Painting", 1960

81.34%_match: Adolphe Burdet "Staande en zittende figuur nauwelijks waarneembaar, onder wie een meisje gekleed in een blauwe jurk", Date unknown

88.02%_match: Michele Zaza "Vita segreta", Date unknown

89.83%_match: Yuki Onodera "Look out the window n° 5", 2000

87.19%_match: Brian Buckley "Untitled (Ghost Ship III)", 2015

92.89%_match: Zhang Liaoyuan "1080P", 2009

88.28%_match: Patrick Wilson "Parakeet", 2012

91.31%_match: Christian Lebrat "Liminal Minimal 1 et 2", 1977

88.19%_match: André-Alexandre Jollet "Maladie génitale", Date unknown

87.22%_match: Phillip K. Smith III in 2014-2015 "Lozenge 2", Date unknown

84.97%_match: Louis Marcy (Luigi Parmeggiani) "Reliquary Shrine of Saint Barbara", 1900

92.60%_match: Phillip K. Smith III in 2014-2015 "Lozenge 2", Date unknown

87.40%_match: Phillip K. Smith III in 2014-2015 "Lozenge 2", Date unknown

86.56%_match: Joachim Bandau "14-09-2011", 2011

86.47%_match: Christiane Baumgartner "Solaris III", 2008

95.50%_match: Bestué-Vives "Acciones en el cuerpo Disfrazarse a oscuras Actions in the Body [Dress Up in the Dark]", 2006

93.64%_match: Cynthia Ann Miro "Living in Twilight", 2016

91.75%_match: Yuki Onodera "Look out the window n° 5", 2000

89.02%_match: Gilles Teboul "Untitled n°2243", 2017

91.62%_match: Jan Kuck "What if we are asking the wrong questions?", 2017

89.56%_match: Tom Burrows "Achilles Bank", 2018

85.14%_match: Ludwig Sander "Untitled", 1970

87.17%_match: G.R.A.U. "Cimetière communal, Santa Severina, Catanzoro, Calabre : plan de lentrée", 1974