All we'd ever need is one another (trio)

Adam Basanta

82.67%_match: Penelope Umbrico "Mirror #1042W from Mirrors (from Home-improvement Websites)", 2011

86.82%_match: David Verbeek "Full Contact", 2015

89.72%_match: Man Ray "Surimpression", 1925

87.44%_match: Phillip K. Smith III in 2014-2015 "Lozenge 2", Date unknown

87.77%_match: Chul-Hyun Ahn "Untitled 1031", 2016

96.93%_match: Christian Lebrat "Liminal Minimal 1 et 2", 1977

98.49%_match: Franco DeFrancesca "Climate Hustle", 2014

95.13%_match: Antonin Fourneau "Waterlight Graffiti", Date unknown

87.36%_match: Michael Muller "Stay Night", 2014

73.05%_match: Yasuo Kiyonaga "Fairy of the forest 26", 2010