All we'd ever need is one another (trio)

Adam Basanta
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All We'd Ever Need - version 1

90.89%_match: Phillip K. Smith III in 2014-2015 "Lozenge 2", Date unknown

91.36%_match: Rita Maas in 2009-2011 "Miss/Take Untitled 14.03 9/03/09,12:43:18 PM", Date unknown

92.85%_match: Zhang Liaoyuan "1080P", 2009

89.77%_match: Mark Thomas Gibson "The Revenant", 2013

91.80%_match: Diego Mendoza Imbachi "From the series La poética de las sombras", 2016

89.63%_match: Franco DeFrancesca "Crystal Modulation", 2014

81.19%_match: Stefano Orazzini "Terraces I", 2010

92.15%_match: Tom Burrows "Achilles Bank", 2018

88.18%_match: Din Matamoro "Untitled", 2016

90.01%_match: Adam Mars "1994", 2017

87.67%_match: Patsy Krebs "Untitled (Grey-Rose)", 2017

85.59%_match: Fabian Freese "Rainbow on Downtown Miami ", 2017

83.24%_match: Jak Baruh "Walking On The Rain 03", 2015

86.62%_match: Yuki Onodera "Look out the window n° 5", 2000

81.15%_match: Ulrich Erben "Siria V", 2009

89.47%_match: Yuki Onodera "Look out the window n° 5", 2000

85.55%_match: Kraftwerk "3-D Video-Installation – 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8, Installation View Sprüth Magers Berlin", 2013

89.56%_match: Richard Serra "Double Rift I", 2012

95.19%_match: Rupprecht Geiger "Untitled (No 1)", 1960

85.12%_match: Andy Warhol "Untitled from Electric Chairs", 1

89.63%_match: Yuki Onodera "Look out the window n° 5", 2000

91.46%_match: Florian & Michael Quistrebert "Visions of Void", 2015

88.10%_match: Jannemarein Renout "SCAN2400 - scan 142 ‘Time to take shelter’ (9 June 2015 11:31 AM) ", 2015

95.50%_match: Edouard Wolton "Cartographie des lucioles", 2015

88.75%_match: Imanol Marrodán "E.L 14 ", 2006

89.87%_match: Adrià Julià "Transmettre: Transmigración Transmettre: Transmigration", 2009

95.50%_match: Nicole Chesney "Voto 3", 2017

94.08%_match: Maria Morganti "Sedimentazione 2011 #21, Venezia", 2011

89.37%_match: Cynthia Ann Miro "Living in Twilight", 2016

80.94%_match: Phillip K. Smith III in 2014-2015 "Lozenge 2", Date unknown

88.68%_match: Phillip K. Smith III in 2014-2015 "Lozenge 2", Date unknown

88.85%_match: Seba Kurtis "Untitled 5, from the series "Heartbeat"", 2012

82.78%_match: Bernadette Jiyong Frank "Void/Emergence-Diptych (Crimson, teal, ultramarine)", 2014

90.37%_match: Tracey Emin in 2004-2011 "Meet Me In Heaven I Will Wait For You", Date unknown

90.71%_match: Franco DeFrancesca "Vibratese", 2016

93.62%_match: José María Yturralde "Postludio (YT-07-156)", 2007

95.50%_match: Ludwig Meidner "O Moon Above So Clear!", 2

95.50%_match: Edouard Wolton "Cartographie des lucioles", 2015

83.77%_match: Cynthia Ann Miro "Living in Twilight", 2016

82.96%_match: Linda Davidson "Dear Deer", 2015

89.53%_match: Gabriel Lester "Shell Shovelers", 2015

86.18%_match: Kate Shepherd "Pirate Jenny", 2016

95.50%_match: Guido Molinari "Quantifacateur 995", 1995

88.75%_match: Alex Kuznetsov "Shift #05", 2016

95.50%_match: Yagiz Özgen "Betty", 2015

86.67%_match: Michele Zaza "Vita segreta", Date unknown

88.45%_match: Phillip K. Smith III in 2014-2015 "Lozenge 2", Date unknown

85.83%_match: Yayoi Kusama "You Who Are Getting Obliterated in the Dancing Swarm of Fireflies", 2005

89.39%_match: Ligyung "More Light", 2012

89.61%_match: Anna Von Mertens "Mental States (July)", 2014

95.50%_match: Barnett Newman "Midnight Blue", 1

86.03%_match: Franco DeFrancesca "Climate Hustle", 2014

89.28%_match: Joseph Kosuth "'1,2,3,4'", 1993

95.50%_match: Michael Toole "Corridor", 2017

92.98%_match: Antonin Fourneau "Waterlight Graffiti", Date unknown

92.51%_match: Yuki Onodera "Look out the window n° 11", 2000

84.81%_match: Arslan Sükan "Vanishing Point", 2009

87.72%_match: Kate Shepherd "Pirate Jenny", 2016

90.76%_match: Erika Blumenfeld "Fractions of Light & Time: October 23, 2008 7:17PM (Marfa, TX)", 2008

95.50%_match: Ludwig Meidner "Prayer (Gebet) (plate, preceding p. 361) from the periodical Das Kunstblatt, vol. 2, no. 12 (Dec 1918)", 8

88.73%_match: Claudia López-Diez "Untitled 09", 2015

95.50%_match: New Catalogue [Luke Batten & Jonathan Sadler] "Color Theory for the Economist: America's Vulnerable Economy ", 2008