All we'd ever need is one another (trio)

Adam Basanta
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All We'd Ever Need - version 1

90.38%_match: Antonio Saggese "Barra Funda", 2012

90.23%_match: GATS "Before Mankind Could Ollie #15", 2016

88.91%_match: Ceci Wing Sze CHAN "Neon Reframed", 2016

87.14%_match: Rosa M Hessling "Luce clarius II", 2015

88.29%_match: Charles Sheeler "Skyscrapers, New York", 0

86.90%_match: Evan Nesbit "Magic Mitten", 2016

85.79%_match: John Baldessari "The Yellow Series: Ochre", 2016

89.96%_match: Ilka Kramer "MalaNazar 6", 2016

93.64%_match: Ed Moses "EM 3", 2007

91.73%_match: Wolfgang Laib "Untitled", 2016

86.10%_match: Christian Vetter "IVNN", 3

89.60%_match: Marcia Hafif "Splash: Cadmium Orange (NY)", 2010

98.95%_match: Peter Demos "Untitled 26", 2013

91.15%_match: Nicholas Nixon "View of the Old State House at Faneuil Hall, Boston", 8

90.75%_match: Ligyung "More Light", 2012

89.39%_match: Bryan Graf "Lagoon Platoon", 2014

90.33%_match: Catherine Wagner "In Situ: Traces of Morandi (053+156)", 2016

89.14%_match: Robert Minervini "Until Tomorrow Comes (Part VI)", 2013

87.56%_match: José María Yturralde "Postludio (YT-07-156)", 2007

86.17%_match: David Whitaker "5 Over 8", 1970

92.52%_match: unknown "Sucrier à poudre", Date unknown

88.77%_match: Hidemasa Fujii "Mixing Color #4", 2011

92.71%_match: Flavio Samelo "Compo BSDCDENATK I", 2012

89.65%_match: Neil O. Lawner "Blue Reflections Fifth Avenue", Date unknown

91.75%_match: Aurelie Nemours "Rythme du millimètre SB30", Date unknown

90.09%_match: Unidentified Artist "Untitled", 1911

88.88%_match: Christiane Baumgartner "Shack", 2004

88.69%_match: James Howard "Zero yin-he oil", 2015

88.13%_match: Edouard Wolton "L'Orage", 2015

89.03%_match: Philip Pocock "Or Let Me Be Silent", 1991

89.09%_match: J. Margulis "French Squares", 2016

89.63%_match: Ceci Wing Sze CHAN "Neon Reframed", 2016

90.60%_match: Lizhu Chen "Resurrection 201312015", 2013

89.97%_match: Michael Craig-Martin "Spotlight: NT at 50", 2013

91.20%_match: Elizabeth Jordan "The Irony of Error", 2016

91.91%_match: Rebecca Rutstein "Lazaro Cardena Canyon", 2015

94.67%_match: Sara & André "Exercícios de Estilo", 2014

91.66%_match: Viktor Farro "Rope", 2017

89.93%_match: teamLab "Universe of Water Particles", 2013

87.99%_match: Pierre Luc Charles Cicéri "Drawing for Wagner's "Le Vaisseau Fantôme," Paris Opéra", 1842

86.58%_match: Pierre Luc Charles Cicéri "Drawing for Wagner's "Le Vaisseau Fantôme," Paris Opéra", 1842

88.46%_match: Georgia Noble "Orient", 2017

88.48%_match: Zachary Keeting "4339 west carol avenue", 2012

94.46%_match: Zhang Zhenyu 张震宇 "Untitled", 2017

86.97%_match: Aurelie Nemours "Quatre carrés V 143", Date unknown

88.50%_match: Pino Manos "Sincronico rosso in divenire", 2015

89.57%_match: Adrià Julià "Transmettre: Transmigración Transmettre: Transmigration", 2009

93.03%_match: Gergö Szinyova "AABCIEOC1562017", 2017

87.91%_match: Maria Morganti "Sedimentazione 2011 #21, Venezia", 2011

93.05%_match: Kim Gui-Line in 1985-1986 "Inside, Outside", Date unknown

89.23%_match: Guy Laliberté "Mali, above Dianké", 2009

88.24%_match: Kate Shepherd "Night in Black and Green", 2016

89.45%_match: José María Yturralde "Hian (Serie Horizontes) ", 2016

87.78%_match: attributed to Francesco Furini "David", Date unknown

90.58%_match: Yves Klein "Chéquier", Date unknown

88.25%_match: Elena Damiani "The Lectures series #18", 2013